NC Energy Code Lighting Requirement

The NC 2012 Residential Energy Code states that a minimum of 75% of the lamps in permanently installed lighting fixtures shall be high-efficacy (LED and CLF) lamps. (404.1 Lighting equipment)

A recent field study revealed that this requirement is not being met, in fact 43% of the homes surveyed had less than 75%, many with none at all. North Carolinians would save $1 MILLION a year by meeting this requirement!

LED and CFL bulbs use significantly less energy than incandescents, saving the homeowner money. One 60W incandescent costs about $63 a year to operate compared to $6-$14 a year for the LED and CFL equivalent, and produces the same amount of lumens. An easy way to save energy, just buy the right bulb.

  • Code Inspector Tip: Use a ballast checker to quickly and easily check bulb type.

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 Watch this YouTube video that covers the requirements and benefits of high-efficacy lighting.

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