Inaugural NCEEA Summit - March 15, 2011

The inagural NCEEA Summit brought together over 60 key stakeholders from various sectors of the homebuilding industry around North Carolina.  Industry leaders including builders, home energy raters, real estate brokers, lenders, appraisers, utility providers, and other allied organizations came to voice their opinions on the state of the industry and the potential for growth in energy efficient construction.  

This roundtable event, moderated by Bob Weston from the Small Business and Technology Development Center, provided a collaborative forum to explore what's needed from these various professions to jointly create opportunities that will spur consumer demand for energy efficiency.  The outcomes of the event and suggestions for each of these stakeholder groups can be viewed in the Summit Summary to the right.  If you are one of the professionals listed here, please take the time to read this summary, pass it on to your colleagues, and consider ways that you can become involved with the Alliance and the promotion of energy efficient construction.