Green Your MLS

How to Get Started?

Check out our Green the MLS guide, get the conversation started, and get in touch with us for assistance!

Did You Know?

  • ŸThere are over 60 Real Estate Associations throughout North Carolina, comprising of just less than 40 independent MLS territories.
  • ŸOnly 5 MLS regions in the state have a “green MLS” (to some degree)
  • ŸThere are 6 different software applications used statewide to formulate the MLS
  • ŸAppraisers say one of the best ways to help them value green and energy efficient features is to “green the MLS”.

The NCEEA is in the process of compiling the current status of the Regions in North Carolina. Our goal is to assist each Region in creating a consistent "Green MLS" across NC.

If your MLS Region has green inputs or is ready to add green inputs, let us know!


Our staff is available to present at your association about the importance of a "Green MLS". Topics include:

  • Definitions, Statistics and General Building Science
  • The essence of Certified Green Buildings
  • Making the High Performance Sale
  • Appraising High Performance Homes

If you are interested, please contact Janet Miller,, 828-262-8913.

Chuck at WSRAR

Chuck Perry, Program Director of the NCEEA, presented to the Winston Salem Regional
Association of REALTORS. Here's what they had to say:

"The Winston Salem Regional Association of REALTORS® recently hosted the Green Guidelines & Certifications for Homes Seminar by Chuck Perry. Chuck’s presentation on green features was exceptionally informative for our members. Those in attendance included brokers, appraisers, lenders and builders and all gave us excellent feedback about the event. Chuck also met with the CEO of our regional MLS, along with local WSRAR leadership, and gave us helpful direction on green features as they relate to the MLS."