Access Hatches and Doors

Attic access hatches & doors without insulation and weather stripping are basically large holes in the house envelope, allowing thermal flow and air leakage between the conditioned home and the unconditioned space. There are simple solutions to stop a thermal bypass at attic access points, such as using pre-insulated doors and weather stripping.

Ladder insulation

All attic pull down staircase should be insulated with rigid R-5 insulation and weather stripped. The staircase on the right is not properly weather stripped and the rigid foam insulation is R-3.

An attic tent like the one seen on the left is a method of insulation that is acceptable, while non-rigid fiberglass insulation is not.

Weatherstipping 2

All attic hatches, pull down stairs, and doors should be air sealed with spray foam, caulk, or backer rod and weather stripped with a factory applied weatherstrip or site applied seal.

Vertical access doors shall be insulated to R-5 and weather stripped. The door on the right is weather stripped, but not insulated to R-5.

Attic hatch


Attic hatches shall be weather stripped and insulated to R-10 in a manner which is permanently attached to the back side of the hatch.