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Efficient HomeA proliferation of standards, rating, and green building certification programs now exist in the marketplace to help guide and document efforts to build more sustainable, high-performance buildings. It can be challenging and time consuming to determine which programs are credible, beneficial, and add value.

What are the market impacts of third party certified homes and how do you determine the added value? The NCEEA has compiled data and reports to help appraisers value certified energy efficient homes.


▪ Download and use the Appraisal Institute's Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum to help analyze values of energy-efficient home features.

This is the first residential green and energy efficient appraisal report Addendum made by appraisers, for appraisers. Using this form allows appraisers to identify and describe a home's green features.
Page 1 on the Addendum specifically states:

  The objective of this Addendum is to standardize the communication of the high performing features of residential properties. Identifying the features not found on the 1004 form provides a basis for comparable selection and analysis of the features. Builders, contractors, homeowners, and third party verifiers are encouraged to complete this Addendum and present to appraisers, agents, lenders, and homeowners.                                                                               

Green Building Resouces provided by the AI

▪ Valuation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

PV Value is a spreadsheet tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Energy Sense Finance that is intended to help determine the value of a new or existing photovoltaic (PV) system installed on residential and commercial properties. Read this article for help with the inputs required to use the tool.

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 Alliance Membership Includes:

  • Evidence of the quantifiable value of an ENERGY STAR home, including differences in annual energy usage and overall homeownership costs versus conventional, code-built homes.
  • Workshops on the financial advantages of high-efficiency homes.
  • A listing and link on our website as a member appraiser.

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