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Meeting the NC 2012 Energy Code Requirements:

The 2012 NC Energy Code states that insulation should be installed substantially free of gaps, voids and compression, also referred to as Grade 1 installation. Following the manufacturer's installation instructions will also achieve a Grade 1 installation.A recent field study revealed that less than half the wall insulation installed in NC is done to Grade 1 standards. If all batt insulation was installed to this standard it would save NC homeowners millions of dollars.

NCEEA Resources to Achieve Grade 1:

Quick Tips:

  • Be sure to air seal thoroughly prior to installing insulation.
  • Split batt insulation around electrical wires and plumbing pipes that run in the walls, floors, and ceiling.
  • Always be sure the insulation is in permanenet contact with the air barrier.
  • In NC wall insulation MUST be encapsulated on all 6 sides by an air barrier. Therefore, if you can see the wall insulation then it is not encapsulated and should be corrected.

Other Resources:

 FREE Insulation Installation Trainings available through May 2017 at your place of business:

  • Insulation Installation for Maximum Performance
    Join us as we share how the NC Energy Code applies to insulation contractors. We will explore building science, manufacturer’s installation instructions, and code requirements. This 45 minute class will present the information with a variety of visual materials including photos from the field, animations, and drawings.

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