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Energy Efficient Mortgage and Real Estate CE Trainings

In our series of Energy Efficient Mortgage and Real Estate CE Trainings we networked with over 350 industry professionals in seven locations around the state and provided Continuing Education credits to the majority of these participants in the lending, appraisal, and real estate industries. These professionals are all coming to understand the value of third-party certified homes, the language and key concepts of energy efficient construction, and the importance of stakeholder communication to make energy efficient homes a widely available option for the consumer.

We had an overwhelming turnout at many of these events, and we’re already in the process of developing new CE forums for these professionals due to such great feedback. 

We filmed the training held in Asheville, and produced several videos that can be seen here.


Alliance Membership Includes:
  • Improved lending security by increasing the number of home mortgages to buyers with lower overall homeownership costs.
  • State wide research efforts to quantify the increased market value of high-efficiency homes.
  • A listing and link on our website as a member Lending Institution.


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