Step 1: Builder

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Do you have a partnership agreement with ENERGY STAR for New Homes? Have you completed training for ENERGY STAR Version 3? Which set of ENERGY STAR requirements should you follow?

The ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program is geared towards site-built, single-family new construction; however, other types of housing, such as multifamily, and methods of construction, such as manufactured and modular, have the opportunity to to be certified. Below are links to the current guidelines:

It is expected that EPA will periodically revise the Version 3 guidelines during their implementation in response to partner questions and evolving standards. Typically, the guidelines will be updated approximately every six months. Those edits will then be enforced for homes permitted after a transition period, typically 60 days from the release of the revised guidelines. All ENERGY STAR for New Homes documents will have the effective date (in relation to the project’s permit date) at the bottom left corner.

Building a multifamily project?

There are several factors in determining the ENERGY STAR path your multifamily project. They include the number of stories, mechanical systems and the mix of uses in the building. Clicking here will provide a helpful flow chart to determine your project’s path for compliance.

If your project does not qualify for the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program, it may qualify for the ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise (MFHR) Program. Below is the link to the program guidelines:

Tips for Selecting a House Plan

Home plans that are qualified as Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR include requirements for the energy-efficient features and construction details typically found in ENERGY STAR qualified homes—tight construction and duct systems, properly in- stalled insulation, high performance windows, efficient heating and cooling equipment, and ENERGY STAR qualified lighting and appliances. Selecting these types of house plans for construction streamlines the planning process.

To simplify the review process, it is best to distribute a Plan Review Input Form (PDF) or equivalent to the rater and HVAC designer.