Step 3: HVAC Designer

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HVAC Credential Requirements

If you will be the HVAC contractor on an ENERGY STAR home, it is necessary for your organization to be credentialed by a HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight Organizations (H-QUITOs). They are the independent, third-party oversight organizations that provide the required training and oversight activities for HVAC contractors. Currently, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is the only H-QUITO; however, check back here frequently for new H-QUITOs.

HVAC contractors seeking to be credentialed by an H-QUITO must:

  • Attend an HVAC QI/ENERGY STAR orientation training class offered by the H-QUITO;
  • Submit an application to the H-QUITO that demonstrates that they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities (e.g., through training, work experience, and/or company policies) to effectively deliver the HVAC Quality Installation services required in the ENERGY STAR HVAC QI checklist)
  • Be subject to quality assurance oversight by the H-QUITO.