Step 4: HVAC Designer

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Current ENERGY STAR Requirements

It is expected that EPA will periodically revise the Version 3 guidelines during their implementation in response to partner questions and evolving standards. Typically, the guidelines will be updated approximately every six months. Those edits will then be enforced for homes permitted after a transition period, typically 60 days from the release of the revised guidelines. All ENERGY STAR for New Homes documents will have the effective date (in relation to the project’s permit date) at the bottom left corner. Below is a link to the current guidelines:

Submitting Documents to Your Rater

There are several documents to submitted to your Rater throughout the planning and construction process of your project. Early submittal of these doucments can save significant time and money. Below are a list of documents that should be submitted during the planning stage:

  • Full Load Calculations (Manual J, D and S)
  • ENERGY STAR HVAC Contractor Checklist with Sections 1 through 5 filled out
  • AHRI Certificate
  • Ventilation Design Documentation
Additional Resources

Below are refreshers on completing the necessary HVAC calculations: