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The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance (NCEEA) was established in 2010 as a state-funded non-profit organization with the goal of supporting energy efficient and third party certified construction in NC. The NCEEA is dedicated to educating all the various stakeholders in the home building industry about the benefits of constructing energy efficient homes and buildings.

Alliance members include home energy raters, home builders and renovators, commercial contractors, architects, engineers, utility providers, real estate brokers, appraisers, and mortgage lenders. The NCEEA strives to address market barriers in the building industry that will ultimately help the consumers and contractors benefit from a healthier, more comfortable home and better built structures.

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North Carolina Residential Energy Code Field Study: Baseline Report

A research project in the State of North Carolina identified opportunities to reduce homeowner utility bills in residential single-family new construction by increasing compliance with the state energy code. The study was initiated in January 2015 and continued through September 2015. During this period, research teams visited 249 homes during various stages of construction, resulting in a substantial data set based on observations made directly in the field. Analysis of the data has led to a better understanding of the energy features present in homes, and indicates over $1.5 million in potential annual savings to North Carolina homeowners that could result from increased code compliance. View the full report here.

NC State Report

Current Projects:

  • Energy Center Live Videos: Five Critical Areas for Complying with the NC Energy Code. Watch on YouTube or click below:

  • View our NC Energy Code Best Practice Animations on YouTube or click below:

  • Green the MLS
    • Get started with the NCEEA's Quick Guide for Greening the MLS
    • Providing presentations to local associations on certified green buildings, general building science, HERS Index, making the high performance sale, information sources, and moving forward
    • Support and guidance in the addition of green features to the MLS
    • Green valuation support for NC Real Estate Appraisers


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