About the Alliance

NCEEA’s primary focus has been in the development, adoption, and implementation of the new NC energy code; the education of contractors, REALTORS, lenders, appraisers, and utility providers as it relates to third-party certified buildings; and in growing the market for third-party testing and certifications.  The NCEEA strives to be the central source for information and action, raise awareness, and to bring together a network of members and partners in support of energy codes and certified buildings in NC.


NCEEA’s long-term goal is to remain a viable, effective, and sustainable organization that promotes energy efficiency to all the key stakeholders in the existing home, new home and commercial building markets in North Carolina; to be the pulse of energy efficiency in NC.

Key Accomplishments

  • Recipient of  the 2012 ENERGY STAR Excellence in Promotion Award
  • Recipient of 2012 ENERGY STAR Leadership in Housing Award
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency amongst consumers and homebuyers through a first of its kind consumer marketing campaign in NC
  • Completed an  ENERGY STAR for New Homes Market Impacts Study that proved high performance homes sell faster and for more money than code built homes
  • Provided continuing education courses to appraisers, REALTORS, and lenders to recognize the value of energy efficient features and green certified construction
  • Provide ongoing energy code technical assistance to home builders, home energy raters, commercial contractors, architects, and engineers across NC


  • Help improve enforcement and Implementation of the 2012 NC Energy Code and the NC HERO code
  • Create a NC Energy Code Coalition as a subset of the NCEEA
  • Form a “Green the MLS” task force to explore and support needs in the appraisal and lending industry
  • Expand membership base and continue impactful communications with key stakeholders
  • Develop & facilitate trainings and programs and services to fill needs in the market
  • Be the source on of information for energy efficiency programs in NC
  • Identify barriers, collaborate with partners to achieve market transformation and support the construction of third party certified homes and buildings


The NCEEA originally partnered with Advanced Energy, the NC Solar Energy and Southern Energy Management, who have a long history of working with sustainable energy in North Carolina, to aggressively work on transforming the home building infrastructure in NC as it relates to energy efficiency. In 2012 NCEEA began operating independently of its original partners. NCEEA has been successful at expanding its activities and continuing to serve the energy transformation that is occurring in NC.