Utility Incentives

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Residential New Construction Program can provide up to $9,000 in rebates:

Equipment Incentives:

  • $250 for AC or heat pump with SEER of 14 or greater but less than 15
  • $300-$375 for AC or heat pump with SEER of 15
  • $350/unit for Energy star heat pump water heater with minimum energy fator of 2.0

Whole House Incentives:

  • $750 per home HERO prescriptive
  • A builder are eligible for rebates up to $9,000 depending on the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) saved.

Energy Conservation Discount Program: Owners of ENERGY STAR qualified homes will receive a 5% discount on utility bills for the lifetime of the home. You must fax or email a copy of the ENERGY STAR certificate to ecdiscount@duke-energy.com or 919-546-7381.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Discounts on LED bulbs from Duke Energy Progress.



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Homeowners, home builders and HVAC installers may receive up to $600 rebates for the following energy efficient measures and systems in new and existing homes:

  • Air conditioning
  • Ductwork and attic insulation and sealing
  • Pool pump
  • Heat pump water heater

Cash rebates for Energy-Efficiency Home Improvements are listed here.

Energy Conservation Discount Program: Customers who own ENERGY STAR® qualified home can send in their certificate to receive a 5.4% discount on their electricity bills after the first 350 kWh per month.


Lumbee River EMC


Homebuilders may receive a $350 rebate for an ENERGY STAR qualified home, or a free Marathon water heater.

Homeowners have the following rebates available-

  • $15 for a programmable thermostat
  • $25-50 for central air conditioning
  • $60-195 for air-source heat pumps
  • $350 for geothermal heat pumps
  • $45-75 for water heaters
  • $425 for heat pump water heaters
  • $850 for solar water heaters
  • $75 for recycling their refrigerators or freezers


South River EMC

Home builders receive a $400 rebate for building a new HERO certified home.

Home owners who build or purchase a new HERO built home qualify for a rebate between $200-$600.



Central EMC


Home builders receive a $400 rebate for building a new HERO certified home.

Home owners who build or purchase a new HERO built home qualify for a rebate between $200-$600. They can also take advantages of these other rebates and loans:

  • 5% financing for heat pumps 15 SEER or higher, insulation, and storm windows.
  • Water heater financing for energy efficient water heaters at a low interest rate for 1-2 years as a line item on your bill.
  • $200 rebate for installation of a 15 or greater SEER heat pump in new construction.
  • $200 rebate for Energy start heat pump water heaters 50 gallons or less.



NC Public Power


Homeowners have the following rebates available:

  • $500 for an ENERGY STAR qualified home
  • $400 for a high-efficiency heat pump (minimum SEER rating 14)
  • A $.35/watt saved incentive based on the difference between the before and after high efficacy lighting wattages, but no more than $25,000. 


PSNC Energy


Homeowners have access to the following incentives:

  • Discounted  utility rate for ENERGY STAR certified homes ($0.05 less per therm)
  • $50-$300 based on your water heater 


Piedmont Natural Gas


Homeowners are able to receive a rebate between $150-$200 for a tankless water heater with a efficiency between 0.82-0.92.  


For a Complete List, See State Initiatives Database (more information on green building or energy rebates)