Step 2: Builder

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Selecting a Rater for Your Project Selecting a HVAC Designer for Your Project

There are several parties that can complete the HVAC design of an ENERGY STAR home. However, it is important to remembers that here will be a large amount of coordination between the HVAC designer and HVAC contractor. It is important to select a parties who will work well together. The HVAC designer will complete Sections 1 through 5 of the HVAC Contractor Checklist and will be one of the following:

  • Part of the builder’s team
  • Hired by the builder* (such as a firm or HERS Rater)
  • Part of the credentialed HVAC contractor’s team
  • Hired by the HVAC contractor* (such as a firm or HERS Rater)

* If a party is hired by the builder or the HVAC contractor, it is still the builder’s or HVAC contractor’s responsibility to complete and sign the applicable portions of the HVAC contractor checklist.

If you would prefer to have one party completing both the HVAC design and installation, it is necessary to select an ACCA- credentialed HVAC Contractor.